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The eight utopias

The eight utopias for Lecce2019

The concept of the programme encompasses the eight different utopias that together make up the Reinventing Eutopia process, taking us from today to 2019 and beyond.

The year itself will be an opportunity to reflect, analyse, evaluate, and transfer intermediate results into playful and creative formats. We will utilize 2019 as a year of celebration of a six year work process. At the same time 2019 will be the springboard for the years to come.

The Utopias meet each other to generate a leap to reinvent ourselves in a bottom-up process, which is politically, socially, and geographically defined. It is in the interfaces, where these Utopias connect, that interdisciplinary contamination and innovation can take place.


Model for democratic participation, administration & governance

The principle EUTOPIA for the years leading up to 2019 is DEMOCRAtopia. This part of the programme will be fundamental in the creation of a climate of trust, awareness, collaborative spirit, and ownership. DEMOCRAtopia will identify the topics and will deliberate on the priorities of the Cultural Capital Year. Additionally the transformation of public administrations into creative administrations, able to cooperate across genres and with civil society, will be an important focus for this Utopia. DEMOCRAtopia is the city that we want to build as the result of the experience and collective knowledge of its citizens. Democracy, here, is a process of dialogues, practiced daily and not only every few years in the election booth. It is a process that will place the citizen in the centre of development and will give respect to the needs and dreams of the individual. It is a place where everyone has a voice, which is heard. While DEMOCRAtopia promotes the change of our political culture, we have started to reinvent our social values and our culture of relationships through POLIStopia.

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Model for social welfare, inclusion & accessibility

POLIStopia is an urban social model that focuses on inclusion and accessibility, where excluding individuals means a loss of value. Where all people are re-sources and the participation of all takes place with a minimum of marginalization and a maximum of involvement.
POLIStopia is the city which is open to all, on all occasions, with a cultural responsibility to transform people with special needs into people with special abilities, and where the culture of greed becomes a culture of generosity and solidarity.
An active citizenship will be needed to move towards DEMOCRAtopia and POLIStopia.
For an individual to be independent, knowledge and an empowering education are basic conditions.
A critical awareness of oneself, of one's cultural background, and of the world is essential in order to transform individual values into collective ones through social interaction.

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Model for knowledge through education revolution

EDUtopia is the model in which places of education become structures with open doors to the city; a model of inclusive values, where people are both teachers and students at the same time, protagonists of their own learning process; a model that not only acknowledges the fact that there are no untalented children but also recognises their individual talents so that they be able to fulfil their goals and dreams through our Education Revolution.

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Model for enhancement of human potential & youth;

In addition to EDUtopia's goal to transform institutional education, TALENtopia will focus on the development of human potential. As the world has become preoccupied with the financial and climate crisis, too little attention has been paid to the human resource crisis, in which talent is wasted. Unfortunately we have become experts in wasting human potential, neglecting the experience of the individual and the knowledge of communities.
TALENtopia is the transformation of Lecce and other communities in the territory into a creative ecosystem of Communities of Knowledge, which will grow with the exchanges and the plurality of experiences and social values of all participants, who live with respect towards their own territory, towards their landscape, as well as towards themselves.

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Model for new economic models, job development & co-operation

Economies thrive on talent and knowledge. Human potential is a valuable re-source in our model of PROFItopia, which recognises the fact that the well-being of individuals does not only depend on the fulfilment of material needs, but also on the fulfilment of social needs, such as trust, friendship, family, and solidarity.
The new models will be developed in accordance with article 41 of our national Constitution which states that economic activity "may not be carried out against the common good or in such a manner that could damage safety, liberty and human dignity. The law shall provide for appropriate programmes and controls so that public and private-sector economic activity may be oriented and co-ordinated for social purposes". Additionally, PROFItopia is the place where civil society is actively engaged with the public and the private spheres, aiming to optimize the aspirations and dreams of all, thereby creating a Profit for All community economy.
It transforms a society built on private profit to a society that is built on profit for all, giving the opportunity to everybody to choose one`s own way of living.

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Model for self-sustainability, environment & humanisation of medicine

PROFItopia generates an economy that will profit entrepreneurs and employees alike, as well as communities and the environment.
The right use of the environment and our reconciliation with it are the central focuses of ECOtopia.
The lack of sustainable planning, the influx of seasonal tourism, and greed have led to rapid and unbalanced urban developments in our territory. The cities have lost their former relationship with the rural landscapes. This has laid bare the problems associated with modern urban development, such as low quality and mono-functional districts in the suburbs.
ECOtopia looks at the transitions within the urban and the rural and their connection with the two seas, giving us the opportunity to rethink blue and narrate ourselves as a civilization of the Mediterranean.
As we reconcile with our environment we must look inward and reconcile with our own bodies as well. ECOtopia is the territory where human needs are well balanced with the needs of nature and the place where the needs of our soul and the needs of our bodies are balanced through the humanisation of medicine, and a state of being in which we rethink our happiness.

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Model for new forms of travel, tourism & interaction

Against the modern myth of the Homo Currens (Man in Motion), Lecce2019 values the slow Salento way of life.
EXPERIENtopia will promote a new way of living a territory with opportunities to observe customs, learn more about traditions, encounter the richness of various faiths, participate in culture of all kinds, and, last but not least, experience a way of life.
EXPERIENtopia is the sum of all components connecting contemporary culture, cultural heritage, leisure, gastronomy, sports, and new forms of mobility, into the Salento Experience.
This also means: regaining possession of traditional and contemporary knowledge which will allow us to live in harmony with our environment, rediscovering the authentic taste of food, and regaining the manual ability to reconnect with the land, even in urban environments.
We, who live here, can "rediscover" our territory in this process, just as the traveller newly discovers, while experiencing our hospitality, while being welcomed like family, savouring our culture and enriching it at the same time.

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Model for artistic creation & role of artists in social innovation

The positive virus that contaminates the Utopias with a creative spirit, thereby generating change, originates in ARTopia. Whether in their role of animators of participation, or as agents for creativity in schools, or as healers of spiritual illnesses, the artists will play many roles in this process.
By contaminating the different Utopias they will nourish them with creativity and a playful spirit. While absorbing the needs of the Utopias, the positive virus will adapt itself in respect to their specific realities. By travelling through the Utopias, the "virus" will allow them to inter-communicate and identify common needs, desires, and cravings, potentially generating new knowledge and thereby creating innovation.

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