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Many instruments, a common path

A long and exciting work, where each action is aimed to improve the life of citizens and the identity of a territory.

During the journey towards Lecce2019, the curiosity and the active participation of citizens have been important search engines and constant incentives for the fine tuning of a project where the whole territory can mirror and recognize itself. For this reason, we promoted Urban LABS, Luac (Urban Creative Open Laboratories), focus groups, meetings with entrepreneurs, cultural operators and private citizens that contributed to the process in different ways. Believing that the solutions and answers we are looking for can be found in the desires and the dreams of a community, we went out on the roads to participate in events held in local surroundings. In order to narrow the distances between administrations and communities, we identified needs, urgencies, critical issues, useful thoughts for the purposes of social transformation of the territory. We worked as a team and we put together various working groups to talk about education, environment, health, culture, art, stimulating the active participation of citizens of all ages. We searched for and found hidden treasures that make the provinces of Lecce and Brindisi two places with a high potential for innovation. Much has been done and will be done in this long journey where curiosity, knowledge and connection represent important keywords of this ongoing process.

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