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Everyone can make a contribution to support the candidacy of Lecce2019. Whether an idea, a suggestion or practical help, your support is precious to start off this collaborative process, which mobilizes people and resources. You can support our candidacy in different ways: participating in the Urban LABS, leaving a mark for the campaign IDEAS 2019, participating in the 140 seconds video, or working with us as a volunteer. No matter what you choose, we are grateful for the time you are willing to dedicate to us, as your curiosity and commitment will help us to keep alive the interest for our initiative.

Together we put ideas in circulation, involve communities and activate new mechanisms of development and governance of the territory: for this reason, we invite you to roll up your sleeves with us. In the utopia we are always in the middle of the work: it is not a goal but a constant motivation to reshape our future, transforming public spaces into places of information exchange and reclaim our city. Your contribution will make a difference.

So many ways to partecipate

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Confcommercio Lecce - Partner ufficiale di Lecce2019 Quarta Caffè - Partner ufficiale di Lecce2019

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