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Lecce 2019 - About us

About us

A jump towards change

Breaking the schemes, with the courage to get involved and change viewpoints. This is the spirit of our work for Lecce2019.

Lecce2019 and the candidacy represent the opportunity to become involved, starting from the organizing committee. Breaking down borders, the administration, together with a group of experts and volunteers, have reached out to the citizens, to promote dialogue, and highlight our strengths, weaknesses, and unexpressed needs.

This candidacy is a leap forward towards change, an incentive to transform points of view, to break the routine, challenge narrow-mindedness in order to meet the unexpected. We believe that only in this way, starting from ourselves, we can open up the territory to a true knowledge, and, above all, to an acknowledgment of its own potential which encounters play and curiosity, which inspired this photographic project with the portraits of the Lecce2019 team.

Logo di Lecce 2019. Scritta bianca su fondo magenta.


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