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Casa Eutopia

Ideas incubators, visions and dreams in the name of Lecce2019 utopias

Casa Eutopia has been conceived under the auspices of co-working, sharing, and exchange of experiences. It's a physical space and a model of good practices whose watchwords are: respect, sharing of the eight utopias of the Lecce2019 bid book, sense of responsibility and mutual support in order to share competences and information.
The fields that join this interdisciplinary project are ideas incubators, energies, concepts and visions for the immediate present and future. The project is favored by associations and citizens that appreciate the values of Lecce2019 project at an international level.
There are dynamic areas where desk-mentalities have been replaced by open source dynamics in order to reduce distances and spread new ideas with and for the community on an European scale.

Logo di Lecce 2019. Scritta bianca su fondo magenta.


Città di Lecce Città di Brindisi Regione Puglia Provincia di Lecce Università del Salento Camera di commercio di Lecce Fucina Futuro

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